2. Anonymous said: That last photo makes me weak in the knees...


  3. Rabbit habits.

    Rabbit habits.

  4. vintagegal:

    Affectionate Ladies c. 1900s-1980s

    (via vintagegal)

  5. Anonymous said: "A curious stranger."

    Send me one. I will keep it private and return the favor.

  6. Anonymous said: I'm Avery. And you are?

    Samantha. I don’t know you, do I.

  7. Anonymous said: A curious stranger. Quite sadly, no. I don't believe you. Your eyes look beautiful from what I've seen. Does that answer everything?

    Who are you.

  8. Anonymous said: Would you do it if I told you?

    Who are you? Have you seen my nude body? My pale pink skin stretched over like upholstery on a worn couch? My eyes, practically falling out of my dark, tired sockets?

  9. Anonymous said: Because it would be nice to see, I think.

    Give me something to chew on. Who are you?

  10. Anonymous said: Would you please be so kind as to post one nude? Of yourself?