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    Affectionate Ladies c. 1900s-1980s

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  2. Anonymous said: "A curious stranger."

    Send me one. I will keep it private and return the favor.

  3. Anonymous said: I'm Avery. And you are?

    Samantha. I don’t know you, do I.

  4. Anonymous said: A curious stranger. Quite sadly, no. I don't believe you. Your eyes look beautiful from what I've seen. Does that answer everything?

    Who are you.

  5. Anonymous said: Would you do it if I told you?

    Who are you? Have you seen my nude body? My pale pink skin stretched over like upholstery on a worn couch? My eyes, practically falling out of my dark, tired sockets?

  6. Anonymous said: Because it would be nice to see, I think.

    Give me something to chew on. Who are you?

  7. Anonymous said: Would you please be so kind as to post one nude? Of yourself?


  8. Marry someone who challenges you and pushes you to your limits. Someone who laughs at the same things as you. Someone who treats pets with care because it’s a good indication of how they’ll treat your children. Someone who makes you want to be better. Someone who lies down next to you at night and makes you forget about how shitty the world is.
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    I love this so much

    This might be the best thing ever

    That was a wild ride.

    jesus christ

    trusdt me just fuckign watch it

    best damn thing I’ve seen

    I’m glad I watched this.

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This is really all I want.


    This is really all I want.

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